James is a big fan of Anime and Video games and would love to be able to lend his voice to those kinds of projects more often, but of course needs to relocate for some of that. Currently he has done a fair amount of indie games and animation projects thanks to the online world. Some of those include the Male Player character in My Time At Portia from Pathea Games, John McJohnsonson in Yousei by SakeVisual and Lucian in Princess Battles by Nekomura Games.  He’s got quite a few other credits to his name that you can check out on here if you’d like to learn more.  You can check out the Demos section to hear his voice and Contact if you’d like to ask for anything.

He, of course, has some other talents as well. He’s well versed in Webdesign, Computer Graphics and Video Editing having gone to school for Multimedia Production; Programs including: Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Sony Vegas, Virtual Dub, Web Design; Html, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, CSS, WordPress are just many of the things that he is familiar with.