James was born in CO and currently still resides there. He would, however, love to be somewhere else in the near future.

At a young age, he wanted to be Chef due to his love of food, but he would slowly find a passion for other things. He had started to get into Web Design, Video Editing and Digital Graphics in middle school. 

In high school, he helped to make a teacher recruitment CD for local schools. Around that time, he had begun to get more in-depth with his video editing skills. He soon found that he could also record voice onto videos using Various video editing software. He did this for a few years by himself to learn more about it and then, slowly brought some friends into it in high school.  Other types of voices were needed for some of the projects that he had worked up at the time, so in 2003, the online community of Flava was found. It seemed like a decent place, however, it wasn’t very active.  James shortly came across another online community known as the Voice Acting Alliance, which proved to be much more useful.

He later would become a Moderator of the community helping its members find various info on Voice Acting, as well as keeping the community alive. The Community would eventually fade away years later and James would move on. He’s currently part of the Moderation staff on the Voice Acting Club forums and is always glad to help people find their way

James is a big fan of anime and video games and would love to be able to lend his voice to those kinds of projects more often in the future.  His natural voice is a medium range, but he is able to shift it to various pitches, of high, low and even a female! These are probably reasons why he has been told that he has a very versatile voice  Most of his current work has been for amateur online productions, he has been fortunate to get into some indie work in more recent days, but he’s always dreaming of more.  In the end, he’d love to just do anything computer related, be it in Voice Over, Video Production, Web Design or Graphic Design.

Knowledgeable with: Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Sony Vegas, Virtual Dub, Web Design; Html, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, CSS, WordPress (as this site is now run on).